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Amazing things ahead

With an eye on the future, we have created a vision for Christchurch Airport to 2040. This Master Plan provides a framework to deliver future growth, while making the most of exciting innovations in technology and sustainable management.

How are we leading the way?

We are the South Island's gateway for visitors, airfreight and business. By 2040 it is projected that 20,000 people will work here.   

We are leaders in future thinking, demonstrated through our partnership in the country's first autonomous vehicle trial and our world-first partnership with Alibaba. Christchurch Airport currently underpins the generation of $2.1 billion in regional GDP and creates more than 60,000 jobs.  

As part of our vision to 2040 and to cater for forecasted passenger growth, we aspire to see Memorial Avenue extended into a "grand avenue" leading to an expanded terminal. A series of minor runway extensions would cater for larger and more frequent aircraft, to avoid the need for major changes to the airfield or noise impacts in residential areas.   

Watch the video below to discover our vision for the future and long-term terminal and campus plan. Or find the PDF of our Master Plan here