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Important information for contractors and suppliers

We frequently employ contractors and suppliers in a range of areas including airport services, building and construction, consultancy work, design and development, passenger services and airside driving.

Our ambition is to succeed together, and as part of that we expect any person or organisation we contract to align with our performance standards and values. If you are a current or prospective contractor, you can find the information and forms you need below.   


If your work involves changing the Christchurch Airport technology, you may be required to comply with the Technology Services Change Management Policy and complete a change request application.

Campus training

If you have been asked to complete the Christchurch Airport campus training programme, please visit

Goods and services

If your contract involves the purchase of goods and services, please review our Terms and Conditions.

Earthworks or soil disturbance

If your contract involves earthworks or soil disturbance on the Christchurch Airport campus, please refer to the contaminated soil management framework:

Commercial development

If you are working on a commercial development at Christchurch Airport, please review the following guidelines: