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Bringing decarbonised aviation to life

Green hydrogen is already proving its worth around the world as a zero emission fuel for buses, trucks, trains, cars and boats (including Emirates’ Team New Zealand’s chase boat).

Hydrogen-powered planes are the logical next step and several companies around the world are working to develop a green hydrogen passenger plane for commercial use. Already test flights are proving successful.

However, aircraft are only one element of what’s required to enable this promising fuel to decarbonise aviation.

An entire ecosystem needs to be designed to ensure Aotearoa New Zealand can produce, store and transport green hydrogen and the infrastructure required to fuel the planes.

The New Zealand Hydrogen Aviation Consortium has been created to do just that.

Launched at Christchurch Airport in March 2023, the consortium brings together six world leaders in sustainability:

March 2023

A giant step towards sustainable aviation

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Our vision

The New Zealand Hydrogen Aviation Consortium will design a green hydrogen ecosystem for aviation.

They will examine the supply chain, assess the local aviation market’s projected hydrogen needs to 2050, and the infrastructure required for development of hydrogen aviation in New Zealand.

Following the successful completion of phase one, the consortium will look into whether test flights can be held in New Zealand.

There’s a strong team behind the New Zealand Hydrogen Aviation Consortium

"The consortium brings together a number of pioneering partners with a common interest: to make hydrogen-powered aviation in New Zealand a reality."
Karine Guenan, Vice President of the ZEROe Ecosystem

“The New Zealand Hydrogen Aviation Consortium brings together energy, aircraft, airline operator and airport expertise with the aim of bringing this to life. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.”

Kiri Hannifin, Chief Sustainability Officer

“This consortium will ensure Aotearoa is ready to deploy green hydrogen aircraft once they’re available for commercial use. This is pioneering innovation.”

Justin Watson, Chief Executive

“Together we’ll make a big difference in taking zero emission aviation forward which is good news to anyone who wants to fly sustainably in the future.”

Christopher Boyle, Co-Founder

“Our team is very motivated to leverage our hands-on experience bringing green hydrogen to market to make this transition happen.”

Andrew Clennett, Chief Executive

“We are on a mission to eliminate fossil fuels, including from the aviation industry, and green hydrogen is the key to achieving this.”

Mark Hutchinson, CEO