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Free tote bags

Receive your limited edition re-usable tote bag designed by Christchurch street artist Wongi Wilson when you spend $50 at participating airport retail outlets.*

Hurry! While stocks last.


Watch: Wongi Wilson create three designs showcasing Our Place

Christchurch street artist Wongi Wilson created three designs based on what inspires him about Our Place in the World - Our Land, Our Sea and Our City.

Collect all three limited edition re-usable tote bags. Get yours free when you spend $50 at participating airport retail outlets from 1 November 2018 - 31 December 2018 or while stocks last!

The Stories

Our Land

This design was inspired by the beauty of the South Island and the important role it has for our economy, tourism and sustainability.

Wongi says "the river you see represents our waterways and the high quality of resources we receive from it. The mountains and the boot represent hiking, climbing, camping, tramping and the many outdoor pursuits on offer to residents and visitors in our part of the world. I chose the peach to show growth and sustainable farming, and the flax and the kowhai to represent the flora of our island and the natural beauty growing around us here. The Maori sun represents the importance of nature and people working together to preserve and enjoy the land."

Our Sea

This design was inspired by the natural resources our ocean provides, the depth of its natural assets that live within and the enjoyment it gives to everyone in New Zealand.

Wongi says "the Paua shell is a kiwi icon and represents the beauty of the sea, as well as the gifts it gives others. The goggles, snorkel and flipper signify our amazing water sports and activities which residents and visitors enjoy here. The Yellow Eyed Penguin is a native endangered species, representing the wilder waters further South, while the octopus and whale’s tail represent the natural assets and the underwater life not so often seen in our ocean. The Maori moon represents the cultural and natural importance of our ocean, and the relationship between the two."

Our City

This design was inspired by activities, events, culture and nature that makes Christchurch unique for both residents and tourists alike to explore.

Wongi says "the cyclist represents the many nature-based activities found minutes from our city centre. Margaret Mahy Playground is the centrepiece as one of the most recognisable and popular aspects of the new city, plus it was inspired by locals. I incorporated the little girl from one of my favourite pieces, my Hide and Seek mural on Manchester Street, to represent the prominent arts scene in this city. The Avon River and many parks connect with the city and features here through the intertwining trees, river and stones. The Botanic D’Lights is represented on the Canterbury Museum as a hero event of the city that showcases this important heritage building every year. The sneaker reminds us all of the vast amount of exploring we can do through the city, ranging from street art tours, cafes, laneways, shopping and more."

Totes Awesome

Help us take care of Our Place

These bags are made from a plant fibre called jute, which is biodegradable and easy to grow!
If every person in NZ used one less plastic bag a week, we’d reduce the number of plastic bags we use every year by 250 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the designs for the tote bags?

The artwork was created by Wongi Wilson, a professional graffiti artist and one of Canterbury’s unsung heroes. Wongi has led the post-quake movement to get more street art around Christchurch and has himself painted numerous murals around the city.

He’s based in Sydenham and is a creative genius being able to paint in numerous styles, including photorealism. You can read more about Wongi at

We love his artwork – it’s, pardon the pun, totes awesome!

Why was Wongi used?

Christchurch Airport’s super proud of the South Island and its people so for this campaign, we wanted to use a Canterbury artist to create some bespoke artwork instead of generic off the shelf imagery.

We chose Wongi because he has done so much for Christchurch and we wanted to draw attention to and celebrate this.

Not only is he one of Canterbury’s most talented artists and a champion for communities, he’s one of the nicest kiwis you’ll ever meet.

What are the bags made from?

These bags are made from a plant fibre called Jute, which is biodegradable and easy to grow.

Jute bags are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. Jute needs less pesticide and fertiliser compared to cotton which makes it kinder to the environment.

Best of all, Jute bags are very strong. They can carry 10 times more groceries than a plastic bag and will last well over 10 years!

Who made the bags?

The bags were made by All About Promo, which is NZ’s only carboNZero certified promo company.

This certification is managed by Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd and audited annually.

All About Promo minimises their carbon emissions and offsets these by contributing to a native bush block near Wellington.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion commences on 1 November 2018 and closes on 31 December 2018 or until stocks run out (whichever is the earlier).
  2. To enter the promotion, you must spend $50 or more within a single transaction at a participating Retail Outlet at Christchurch Airport. For every $50 spent at a participating Retail Outlet you will receive one collectible jute bag. You can receive up to three tote bags per transaction of $50 or more.
  3. Lotto and tobacco product purchases are excluded.
  4. Participating Retail Outlets are those Retail Outlets within the Christchurch Airport terminal that display a sign advertising the promotion. (Duty Free, MAC and Travelex Retail Outlets are specifically excluded from this promotion).
  5. The images on the tote bags are copyrighted to Wongi Wilson and cannot be used, copied, or modified under any circumstances unless agreed to by Wongi Wilson.
  6. CIAL reserves the right to vary or terminate this promotion without notice at any time.
  7. Employees of CIAL, participating Retail Outlets and their immediate families may participate in this promotion.
  8. The promoter is Christchurch International Airport Limited, 30 Durey Road, Christchurch, New Zealand.