Flight Information

Use the tables below to see the latest flight information for flights arriving and departing Christchurch International Airport.  This information is updated every ten minutes and shows flights for the current day. You can contact your airline if you require more specific information.

The information below is updated by each specific airline.

Airline Flight No. Arriving From Scheduled Est / Act Gate Status
Jetstar JQ241 Auckland Wed 9:25p.m. Wed 9:20p.m. 21 LANDED 21:20
Air New Zealand NZ571 Auckland Wed 9:25p.m. Wed 9:28p.m. 20 LANDED 21:28
Air New Zealand NZ573 Auckland Wed 9:55p.m. Wed 9:46p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5740 Dunedin Thu 7:15a.m. Thu 8:15a.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ8841 Nelson Thu 7:20a.m. Thu 7:20a.m. 10
Air New Zealand NZ515
Auckland Thu 7:25a.m. Thu 7:25a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5700 Invercargill Thu 7:25a.m. Thu 7:25a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5189 Palmerston N Thu 7:55a.m. Thu 7:55a.m. 7 CANCELLED
Jetstar JQ225 Auckland Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ5629 Hamilton Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ8761 New Plymouth Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ8807 Tauranga Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5333 Wellington Thu 8:05a.m. Thu 8:05a.m. 8
Air New Zealand NZ5771 Napier Thu 8:05a.m. Thu 8:05a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ519
Auckland Thu 8:25a.m. Thu 8:25a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5843 Nelson Thu 8:55a.m. Thu 8:55a.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ5337 Wellington Thu 9:05a.m. Thu 9:05a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5781 Rotorua Thu 9:05a.m. Thu 9:05a.m. 9
Jetstar JQ287 Wellington Thu 9:10a.m. Thu 9:10a.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ523
Auckland Thu 9:25a.m. Thu 9:25a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5640 Queenstown Thu 9:25a.m. Thu 9:25a.m. 8
Air New Zealand NZ5704 Invercargill Thu 9:25a.m. Thu 9:25a.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ8831 Hokitika Thu 9:50a.m. Thu 9:50a.m. 9
Sounds Air S8653 Blenheim Thu 9:50a.m. Thu 9:50a.m. 4
Air New Zealand NZ527
Auckland Thu 10:25a.m. Thu 10:25a.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ5343
Wellington Thu 10:35a.m. Thu 10:35a.m. 15B
Jetstar JQ229 Auckland Thu 10:40a.m. Thu 10:40a.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ5181
Palmerston N Thu 11:00a.m. Thu 11:00a.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ8845
Nelson Thu 11:00a.m. Thu 11:00a.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5345
Wellington Thu 11:05a.m. Thu 11:05a.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ5746
Dunedin Thu 11:10a.m. Thu 11:10a.m. 5
Air New Zealand NZ531 Auckland Thu 11:25a.m. Thu 11:25a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5347 Wellington Thu 11:35a.m. Thu 11:35a.m. 6
Air New Zealand NZ5706 Invercargill Thu 11:40a.m. Thu 11:40a.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ535
Auckland Thu 12:25p.m. Thu 12:25p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ8765
New Plymouth Thu 12:25p.m. Thu 12:25p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5351
Wellington Thu 12:35p.m. Thu 12:35p.m. 15A
Sounds Air S8673 Blenheim Thu 12:35p.m. Thu 12:35p.m. 4
Air New Zealand NZ646 Queenstown Thu 12:40p.m. Thu 12:40p.m. 17
Air New Zealand NZ5783 Rotorua Thu 12:50p.m. Thu 12:50p.m. 8
Jetstar JQ231 Auckland Thu 1:05p.m. Thu 1:05p.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ5183 Palmerston N Thu 1:05p.m. Thu 1:05p.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ5708 Invercargill Thu 1:15p.m. Thu 1:15p.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ539 Auckland Thu 1:25p.m. Thu 1:25p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ5355
Wellington Thu 1:35p.m. Thu 1:35p.m. 5
Air New Zealand NZ8847
Nelson Thu 1:40p.m. Thu 1:40p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ5785
Rotorua Thu 1:55p.m. Thu 1:55p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5750
Dunedin Thu 2:05p.m. Thu 2:05p.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ543 Auckland Thu 2:25p.m. Thu 2:25p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5359
Wellington Thu 2:35p.m. Thu 2:35p.m. 8
Jetstar JQ233 Auckland Thu 3:00p.m. Thu 3:00p.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ8801
Tauranga Thu 3:00p.m. Thu 3:00p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ547
Auckland Thu 3:25p.m. Thu 3:25p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5627 Hamilton Thu 3:25p.m. Thu 3:25p.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5363
Wellington Thu 3:35p.m. Thu 3:35p.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ8851
Nelson Thu 3:35p.m. Thu 3:35p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ551
Auckland Thu 4:25p.m. Thu 4:25p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5367 Wellington Thu 4:35p.m. Thu 4:35p.m. 15A
Jetstar JQ237 Auckland Thu 4:40p.m. Thu 4:40p.m. 22
Air New Zealand NZ5654
Queenstown Thu 5:05p.m. Thu 5:05p.m. 5
Air New Zealand NZ5187
Palmerston N Thu 5:20p.m. Thu 5:20p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5777
Napier Thu 5:20p.m. Thu 5:20p.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5371
Wellington Thu 5:35p.m. Thu 5:35p.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ5623 Hamilton Thu 5:40p.m. Thu 5:40p.m. 8
Air New Zealand NZ5714 Invercargill Thu 5:45p.m. Thu 5:45p.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ5787
Rotorua Thu 5:45p.m. Thu 5:45p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ8809
Tauranga Thu 6:00p.m. Thu 6:00p.m. 6
Air New Zealand NZ8837 Hokitika Thu 6:15p.m. Thu 6:15p.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ559
Auckland Thu 6:25p.m. Thu 6:25p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ8853
Nelson Thu 6:25p.m. Thu 6:25p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ5754
Dunedin Thu 6:30p.m. Thu 6:30p.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5375
Wellington Thu 6:35p.m. Thu 6:35p.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ5648 Queenstown Thu 6:55p.m. Thu 6:55p.m. 7
Jetstar JQ291 Wellington Thu 7:00p.m. Thu 7:00p.m. 22A
Air New Zealand NZ563 Auckland Thu 7:25p.m. Thu 7:25p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ379 Wellington Thu 7:30p.m. Thu 7:30p.m. 17
Air New Zealand NZ5756
Dunedin Thu 7:35p.m. Thu 7:35p.m. 9
Sounds Air S8657 Blenheim Thu 7:35p.m. Thu 7:35p.m. 4
Jetstar JQ239 Auckland Thu 7:40p.m. Thu 7:40p.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ567 Auckland Thu 8:25p.m. Thu 8:25p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5857 Nelson Thu 8:30p.m. Thu 8:30p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5383 Wellington Thu 8:35p.m. Thu 8:35p.m. 9
Jetstar JQ241 Auckland Thu 9:25p.m. Thu 9:25p.m. 21
Air New Zealand NZ571 Auckland Thu 9:25p.m. Thu 9:25p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ573 Auckland Thu 9:55p.m. Thu 9:55p.m. 19
Airline Flight No. Arriving From Scheduled Est / Act Gate Status
Air New Zealand NZ876
Gold Coast Wed 11:55p.m. Wed 11:57p.m. 31
Qantas QF133 Melbourne Wed 11:55p.m. Wed 11:55p.m. 29
Qantas QF139
Sydney Wed 11:55p.m. Wed 11:35p.m. 30 NEW TIME
Virgin Australia VA99 Melbourne Wed 11:55p.m. Wed 11:55p.m. 32
Virgin Australia VA139 Sydney Thu 12:15a.m. Thu 12:15a.m. 34
Air New Zealand NZ896
Melbourne Thu 12:20a.m. Thu 12:06a.m. 28
Air New Zealand NZ888
Sydney Thu 12:25a.m. Thu 12:36a.m. 27
Jetstar JQ143 Sydney Thu 12:40a.m. Thu 12:55a.m. 26
Jetstar JQ173 Melbourne Thu 5:10a.m. Thu 5:10a.m. 25
Singapore Airlines SQ297 Singapore Thu 10:50a.m. Thu 10:50a.m. 34
Singapore Airlines SQ295 Singapore Thu 12:50p.m. Thu 12:50p.m.
Cathay Pacific CX123 Hong Kong Thu 1:10p.m. Thu 1:10p.m. 28
Qantas QF135
Brisbane Thu 1:35p.m. Thu 1:35p.m. 29
Emirates Airline EK412
Thu 2:00p.m. Thu 2:00p.m. 30
Jetstar JQ171 Melbourne Thu 2:00p.m. Thu 2:00p.m. 25
Fiji Airways FJ451 Nadi Thu 2:40p.m. Thu 2:40p.m. 27
Air New Zealand NZ806
Brisbane Thu 2:40p.m. Thu 2:40p.m. 26
Air New Zealand NZ898
Melbourne Thu 2:40p.m. Thu 2:40p.m. 32
Air New Zealand NZ884
Sydney Thu 2:45p.m. Thu 2:45p.m. 29
Virgin Australia VA125 Brisbane Thu 3:00p.m. Thu 3:00p.m. 34
China Southern CZ617
Guangzhou Thu 5:20p.m. Thu 5:20p.m. 28
Jetstar JQ187 Gold Coast Thu 10:35p.m. Thu 10:35p.m. 25
Qantas QF133 Melbourne Thu 11:55p.m. Thu 11:55p.m. 28
Qantas QF139
Sydney Thu 11:55p.m. Thu 11:55p.m. 29
Virgin Australia VA99 Melbourne Thu 11:55p.m. Thu 11:55p.m. 32
Airline Flight No. Departing For Scheduled Est / Act Gate Status
Air New Zealand NZ516 Auckland Thu 6:00a.m. Thu 6:00a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5701 Invercargill Thu 6:20a.m. Thu 6:20a.m. 11
Jetstar JQ226 Auckland Thu 6:30a.m. Thu 6:30a.m. 21 OPENS 0430
Air New Zealand NZ5641 Queenstown Thu 6:45a.m. Thu 6:45a.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ5840 Nelson Thu 6:45a.m. Thu 6:45a.m. 9
Jetstar JQ286 Wellington Thu 7:00a.m. Thu 7:00a.m. 22 OPENS 0500
Air New Zealand NZ522
Auckland Thu 7:00a.m. Thu 7:00a.m. 17
Air New Zealand NZ5332 Wellington Thu 7:05a.m. Thu 7:05a.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ5178 Palmerston N Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ526
Auckland Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ8830 Hokitika Thu 8:00a.m. Thu 8:00a.m. 10
Air New Zealand NZ5336 Wellington Thu 8:05a.m. Thu 8:05a.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ5743 Dunedin Thu 8:30a.m. Thu 8:30a.m. 7
Jetstar JQ228 Auckland Thu 8:35a.m. Thu 8:35a.m. 21 OPENS 0635
Air New Zealand NZ5705 Invercargill Thu 8:35a.m. Thu 8:35a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5616 Hamilton Thu 8:40a.m. Thu 8:40a.m. 5
Air New Zealand NZ8762 New Plymouth Thu 8:40a.m. Thu 8:40a.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ5772 Napier Thu 8:45a.m. Thu 8:45a.m. 6
Air New Zealand NZ5780 Rotorua Thu 8:50a.m. Thu 8:50a.m. 8
Air New Zealand NZ530
Auckland Thu 9:00a.m. Thu 9:00a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5342 Wellington Thu 9:05a.m. Thu 9:05a.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ8842 Nelson Thu 9:10a.m. Thu 9:10a.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5180 Palmerston N Thu 9:35a.m. Thu 9:35a.m. 9
Jetstar JQ232 Auckland Thu 9:40a.m. Thu 9:40a.m. 21 OPENS 0740
Air New Zealand NZ5782 Rotorua Thu 9:55a.m. Thu 9:55a.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ534 Auckland Thu 10:00a.m. Thu 10:00a.m. 20
Air New Zealand NZ5344 Wellington Thu 10:05a.m. Thu 10:05a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ647 Queenstown Thu 10:05a.m. Thu 10:05a.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5707 Invercargill Thu 10:10a.m. Thu 10:10a.m. 15A
Sounds Air S8654 Blenheim Thu 10:10a.m. Thu 10:10a.m. 4
Air New Zealand NZ8800 Tauranga Thu 10:45a.m. Thu 10:45a.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ538
Auckland Thu 11:00a.m. Thu 11:00a.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ5350 Wellington Thu 11:05a.m. Thu 11:05a.m. 8
Jetstar JQ234 Auckland Thu 11:10a.m. Thu 11:10a.m. 21 OPENS 0910
Air New Zealand NZ8844 Nelson Thu 11:30a.m. Thu 11:30a.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5749 Dunedin Thu 11:35a.m. Thu 11:35a.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ542
Auckland Thu 12:00p.m. Thu 12:00p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5326 Wellington Thu 12:05p.m. Thu 12:05p.m. 15A
Sounds Air S8674 Blenheim Thu 12:55p.m. Thu 12:55p.m. 4
Air New Zealand NZ546 Auckland Thu 1:00p.m. Thu 1:00p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ5356
Wellington Thu 1:05p.m. Thu 1:05p.m. 5
Air New Zealand NZ5628
Hamilton Thu 1:40p.m. Thu 1:40p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ5786
Rotorua Thu 1:45p.m. Thu 1:45p.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ8802
Tauranga Thu 1:45p.m. Thu 1:45p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5176
Palmerston N Thu 1:50p.m. Thu 1:50p.m. 7
Jetstar JQ236 Auckland Thu 2:00p.m. Thu 2:00p.m. 21 OPENS 1200
Air New Zealand NZ5360 Wellington Thu 2:05p.m. Thu 2:05p.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5653
Queenstown Thu 2:25p.m. Thu 2:25p.m. 8
Air New Zealand NZ8848 Nelson Thu 2:30p.m. Thu 2:30p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ5713 Invercargill Thu 2:40p.m. Thu 2:40p.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ554 Auckland Thu 3:00p.m. Thu 3:00p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5366
Wellington Thu 3:05p.m. Thu 3:05p.m. 5
Air New Zealand NZ558 Auckland Thu 4:00p.m. Thu 4:00p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5755 Dunedin Thu 4:00p.m. Thu 4:00p.m. 6
Air New Zealand NZ5370
Wellington Thu 4:05p.m. Thu 4:05p.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ5655 Queenstown Thu 4:15p.m. Thu 4:15p.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ8852
Nelson Thu 4:15p.m. Thu 4:15p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ8836 Hokitika Thu 4:25p.m. Thu 4:25p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5372
Wellington Thu 4:35p.m. Thu 4:35p.m. 15B
Jetstar JQ290 Wellington Thu 4:50p.m. Thu 4:50p.m. 21 OPENS 1450
Air New Zealand NZ562
Auckland Thu 5:00p.m. Thu 5:00p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ374 Wellington Thu 5:05p.m. Thu 5:05p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5753
Dunedin Thu 5:05p.m. Thu 5:05p.m. 15A
Jetstar JQ240 Auckland Thu 5:10p.m. Thu 5:10p.m. 22 OPENS 1510
Air New Zealand NZ5788
Rotorua Thu 5:50p.m. Thu 5:50p.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ566 Auckland Thu 6:00p.m. Thu 6:00p.m. 17
Air New Zealand NZ5378 Wellington Thu 6:05p.m. Thu 6:05p.m. 15B
Air New Zealand NZ5622 Hamilton Thu 6:15p.m. Thu 6:15p.m. 11
Air New Zealand NZ5776 Napier Thu 6:15p.m. Thu 6:15p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ5856 Nelson Thu 6:20p.m. Thu 6:20p.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ5186
Palmerston N Thu 6:40p.m. Thu 6:40p.m. 7
Air New Zealand NZ8502 Tauranga Thu 6:55p.m. Thu 6:55p.m. 9
Air New Zealand NZ8858 Nelson Thu 6:55p.m. Thu 6:55p.m. 6
Air New Zealand NZ570 Auckland Thu 7:00p.m. Thu 7:00p.m. 19
Air New Zealand NZ5717 Invercargill Thu 7:00p.m. Thu 7:00p.m. 8
Air New Zealand NZ8766
New Plymouth Thu 7:00p.m. Thu 7:00p.m. 12
Air New Zealand NZ5382 Wellington Thu 7:05p.m. Thu 7:05p.m. 15A
Air New Zealand NZ5759 Dunedin Thu 7:05p.m. Thu 7:05p.m. 15B
Sounds Air S8658 Blenheim Thu 7:55p.m. Thu 7:55p.m. 4
Air New Zealand NZ574 Auckland Thu 8:00p.m. Thu 8:00p.m. 18
Air New Zealand NZ5386 Wellington Thu 8:05p.m. Thu 8:05p.m. 9
Jetstar JQ242 Auckland Thu 8:10p.m. Thu 8:10p.m. 21 OPENS 1810
Air New Zealand NZ578
Auckland Thu 9:00p.m. Thu 9:00p.m. 19
Airline Flight No. Departing For Scheduled Est / Act Gate Status
China Southern CZ618
Guangzhou Wed 10:30p.m. Wed 10:30p.m. 28 BOARDING
Virgin Australia VA134 Sydney Thu 6:10a.m. Thu 6:10a.m. 32
Jetstar JQ172 Melbourne Thu 6:15a.m. Thu 6:15a.m. 26 OPENS 0330
Air New Zealand NZ807
Brisbane Thu 6:15a.m. Thu 6:15a.m. 27
Virgin Australia VA124 Brisbane Thu 6:20a.m. Thu 6:20a.m. 34
Qantas QF138
Sydney Thu 6:35a.m. Thu 6:35a.m. 30
Air New Zealand NZ881
Sydney Thu 7:00a.m. Thu 7:00a.m. 28
Qantas QF134
Brisbane Thu 7:10a.m. Thu 7:10a.m. 29
Air New Zealand NZ891
Melbourne Thu 8:10a.m. Thu 8:10a.m. 31
Singapore Airlines SQ298 Singapore Thu 12:10p.m. Thu 12:10p.m. 34
Singapore Airlines SQ296 Singapore Thu 2:20p.m. Thu 2:20p.m.
Qantas QF132
Melbourne Thu 2:25p.m. Thu 2:25p.m. 29
Cathay Pacific CX126
Hong Kong Thu 2:30p.m. Thu 2:30p.m. 28
Jetstar JQ186 Gold Coast Thu 2:55p.m. Thu 2:55p.m. 25 OPENS 1155
Fiji Airways FJ450 Nadi Thu 3:30p.m. Thu 3:30p.m. 27
Air New Zealand NZ805
Brisbane Thu 3:45p.m. Thu 3:45p.m. 32
Virgin Australia VA96 Melbourne Thu 3:50p.m. Thu 3:50p.m. 34
Air New Zealand NZ883
Sydney Thu 4:00p.m. Thu 4:00p.m. 29
Air New Zealand NZ893
Melbourne Thu 4:00p.m. Thu 4:00p.m. 26
Emirates Airline EK413
Thu 6:45p.m. Thu 6:45p.m. 30
China Southern CZ618
Guangzhou Thu 10:30p.m. Thu 10:30p.m. 28