Wildlife control measures such as bird control, are required to maintain a safe operating airport.

Proactive Bird Management

Safety is paramount to airlines and airports worldwide, and this includes constant vigilance against bird strike.   Birds are a threat to all aircraft during take off, climb and approach and landing.  Bird populations are monitored and managed by a comprehensive programme developed by Christchurch Airport (CIAL).  Any proposed activity that could potentially attract birds to the airport airspace is thoroughly reviewed, and risk management strategies are developed to deal with flight safety hazards that may arise. 

CIAL employs a Wildlife Officer to monitor bird activity around the airport, and take measures to keep the bird numbers down.  

Current Actions

  • Carefully monitoring bird species numbers both on the airport, and within its general vicinity
  • Understanding the biology and behaviour of problem  bird species
  • Making the airport environment as unattractive to birds as possible
  • Actively moving and removing birds from airport environs
  • Particpating in local programmes to cull large flocks of water birds which could be hazardous to aircraft
  • Undertaking effective ground management practices including identifying and removing/controlling food sources (insects, grass, seeds, etc) for birds, and 
  • Obtaining consultancy services from ornithologists, entomologists and agronomists

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