Water Protection

The airport takes steps to minimise the impact of its activities on groundwater quality and quantity.


Minimising the Impact on Groundwater

Christchurch International Airport lies over an alluvial fan which is part of the recharge zone for supplying the city's drinking water. The protection of groundwater is of major significance as a resource to be sustainably used and protected.  Groundwater provides the airport's water supply requirements, including the public drinking water supply and an energy source for air conditioning of the terminal.

All stormwater at the airport ultimately discharges to ground. These discharges are regulated under the RMA by Environment Canterbury through the issuing of resource consents. The consents set out specific requirements that can be undertaken in a stormwater catchment and the stormwater systems.

Current Actions

  • Implementation of an Environmental Compliance and Monitoring Programme (ECMP)
  • Stormwater maintenance and monitoring requirements, and programs linked to resource consent requirements
  • Labelling of stormwater inlets on operators' sites and public carparks as "rainwater only"
  • Monitoring of drinking water wells
  • Environmental awareness training

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