Waste Management

Reducing Our Waste

The generation and disposal of waste is inherent in the operation of an airport. Wastes generated by CIAL operations include paper, cardboard, garden waste, waste oil, waste paint products and waste sludge collected from sumps and interceptor devices. 

CIAL operates a waste collection service from the terminal and for some operators on the airport campus.  Within the existing terminal there are challenges around managing (sorting and storage) waste within limited space as the terminal operates 24 hours a day.  

CIAL's approach to waste management is based on the principles of the waste hierarchy to reduce, re-use, recycle, recover and manage waste.  CIAL staff are active in promoting and working with airport operators on actions to reduce and manage waste including undertaking of waste audits and the provision of free recycling of paper, card, plastic and glass for operators within the terminal.

Current Actions

  • Paper, waste oil, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass is recycled and all green garden waste generated is composted
  • CIAL Facilities Services staff use EM Bokashi to reuse food scraps
  • The new terminal development is providing an opportunity to work with airport operators to develop improved methods for managing waste

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