Managing Noise at Christchurch Airport

Noise is globally recognised as the primary issue that could hinder airport growth.  The extent to which the community is affected by noise is determined by a wide range of factors including:

  • timing of operations;
  • aircraft type;
  • air space management;
  • proximity of noise sensitive activities; and
  • prevailing weather conditions.

Noise occurs as a result of airline operations, ground support activities (engine maintenance, re-fuelling, baggage loading/unloading and re-provisioning of aircraft), airfield maintenance and site development activities.

Mitigating the impact of noise relies on the development of noise management plans, working closely with the community.  Christchurch is an uncurfewed airport and we are required to retain our 24 hour operating ability to support the economy of the region and New Zealand. You can view the 2014 Noise Fact Sheet here.

Noise Monitoring

Aircraft noise at Christchurch Airport is controlled by a Noise Boundary (at a noise level of 65 dBA Ldn). Noise from actual aircraft operations for the three busiest months of any year must not exceed 65 dBA Ldn outside the Noise Boundary.

Each year this requirement is checked and the results reported. This is because the rules governing the Airport in the District Plan specify that compliance with the Noise Boundary must be assessed annually by calculating noise compliance contours and undertaking noise measurements. Please refer to the annual noise monitoring reports below.

The rules also require that a Noise Management Plan is necessary. This has been developed to set out procedures for assessing and reporting compliance with the Noise Boundary and to formalise the engine testing bylaw. You can view the 2013 Noise Management Plan here.

Reporting Noise Complaints

Christchurch Airport has listened to local residents and now has a process in place for reporting, recording and responding to noise complaints.  You can use the noise complaint feedback form here, or contact us 24 hours a day on 03 353 7700.  

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