CIAL minimises energy consumption through the pursuit of energy efficient practices.

Energy Saving Initiatives

Energy conservation and the efficient use of resources are increasingly significant issues due to world-wide energy shortfalls, international political influences and subsequent rising costs and issues relating to water consumption etc.  These issues are also influenced by a growing environmental awareness by consumers and the general community, and increasing government and international regulation and pressure. 

CIAL uses electricity, LPG and diesel for energy supply. These energy sources are used for heating and cooling of terminal buildings, CIAL Facilities Services buildings, Airport Fire Station, lighting of terminal buildings and aprons, and carpark areas.  CIAL also operate a large vehicle fleet (corporate vehicles, Maintenance Services vehicles and Airport Fire Service vehicles).

CIAL has an Energy Policy aimed at ensuring responsible energy management. This policy establishes long and short term objectives for energy management.

Current Actions

  • Implementation of the objectives of the Energy Policy and of the Energy Monitoring and Targeting system to improve energy efficiency
  • Installation of a weather station which takes into consideration temperature and wind direction when controlling air curtains
  • Implementation of the Preferred Material Document which specifies the purchase of high efficiency equipment where practicable

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