The airport company ensures that it complies with its air discharge resource consents.

Helping to Reduce Emissions

Good quality air is important for the health and enjoyment of people working or using the airport or its surrounding areas.

The majority of air emissions for CIAL are through the operation boilers and emergency generators.  Other sources of air emissions at the airport include road traffic, airport vehicles, ground running of aircraft, food preparation, vents and stacks for air conditioning and heating plants.  Many of these operations are essential to the efficient operation of the airport but not directly under CIAL's control.  The challenge for CIAL and other airport companies round the world, is to work with airport operators and managing authorities to keep these emissions to an acceptable level.

The National Environmental Standard for Air Quality (under the RMA) establishes the acceptable emission standards for air quality in New Zealand and ECan is the key administering authority for implementing these standards through granting of resource consents.  CIAL has a number of granted resource consents for various aspects of its operations.

Current Actions

  • Development of air quality policies and plans
  • Monitoring of air emissions as required by Environment Canterbury air discharge consents