Community Fund


Christchurch Airport regularly receives many requests for donations to charitable causes and/or sponsorship of community group activities or projects. Requests for such donations and sponsorships are made throughout the year. Twice a year we invite applications to our Community Fund, evaluate the many applications we receive and make donations towards as many as we can. 

We are required to consider carefully whether the group or project will have direct benefit for community members, so are unable to fund running costs or wages. As you prepare your application, please make very clear to us the benefit to the community from the project you propose.

When the recipients are decided, their representatives are invited to a function at Christchurch Airport to meet the other recipients and airport staff, to speak to the group about the project the donation will support and to have photos taken for their own and our use.

The Community Fund is made up of donations in various currencies collected in collection boxes around the airport, then topped up by Christchurch Airport's own contribution.  There is no set amount for the donations and each is made based on factors including fund availability, requests by applicants and assessment of the benefit to the community.

First 2019 round of grants

We are delighted to be able to support wonderful community projects across the region, thanks to the small change visitors to the airport put into the collection boxes. The donated currency (up to 14 at any one time) is matched by the airport company and goes on to do good work in our communities. The latest recipients are:

  • Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise to support an event for special needs and less fortunate children

  • Halswell Community Project to buy a PA system for use by community groups at the Halswell Community Hub

  • Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group to help buy seating, signage, plants and sculpture for the shared path

  • Addington Samoan Pathfinder Club to buy equipment for a conference for Samoan youth
  • Shirley Community Trust to replace play equipment in the community cafe

  • Papanui Toy Library to buy small ride-on toys for families to borrow

  • Riverside Community Church to buy large tables to enable hosting free breakfasts for children of two local schools

  • TechMate to help buy a data projector, screen and robot cars for classes of children aged 8 to 12

  • Student Volunteer Army Foundation for a speaker system for volunteer projects and large scale volunteer events

  • Life in Vacant Spaces towards the East x East project, offering activities and events in the Residential Red Zone

  • Richmond Community Garden to buy garden hand tools and high-viz vests for volunteers and visiting groups working in the garden

  • Affinity Gymnastics to buy a defibrillator for the gymnasium

  • Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust for resources for workshops to grow great whanau in North Canterbury

  • St John to help refurbish an old schoolhouse into a training centre for Christchurch's St John cadets

  • Language Tree to buy resources for language education sessions for families

  • North Avon Christchurch BMX Club for a compactor for ongoing track maintenance and preparation for BMXNZ National Championships 2020

  • Who Did You Help Today Trust to develop two books for children visiting their mothers in Christchurch Women's Prison

  • St John's Church to establish a community garden for residents in Woolston and surrounding suburbs

  • Kingdom Resources Trust  to help offer free a confidence building and pre-employment course for women over 20 years old

  • Dress For Success Christchurch to buy a pair of trousers to gift every woman being supported back into the workforce

Our thanks to all these people for the way they support their - and our - community. Next time you're in our terminal, you might consider supporting them too, by dropping your small change into the green collection boxes, so it can go on to do big things.