Christchurch is unique in being able to use 100% naturally filtered water. Our passion is to maintain its integrity, avoid accidental contamination and minimise use of this precious resource as it passes under the airport. By doing so, we ensure water supply safety and security, protect the aquifer, reduce costs and our business protects the city, region and island.

Christchurch Airport lies over an alluvial fan, which is part of the recharge zone for an unconfined groundwater aquifer supplying the city's drinking water. It is our highest environmental priority to protect the quality and quantity of this precious resource.

Groundwater provides the airport's water supply requirements, including the public drinking water and an energy source for air conditioning of the terminal.

All stormwater at the airport ultimately discharges to ground. These discharges are regulated under the Resource Management Act by Environment Canterbury through the issuing of resource consents. The consents set out specific requirements that can be undertaken in a stormwater catchment and the stormwater systems.

Our Priorities


  • Ensure the quality of stormwater discharged
  • Comply with stormwater consents
  • Set standards for new developments
  • Highlight aquifer sensitivity to tenants and the public


  • Maximise efficiency from water takes
  • Harness energy potential of groundwater