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Welcome to a story for Christchurch

This is the collective view of about 50 residents, leaders and external stakeholders along with the 'Share an Idea' campaign and other recent research. It captures the key themes that make Christchurch an amazing place to live, work and visit both today and in the future. It's a vision of a city with opportunity, a city that is the best place in the world to be a Kiwi. The story is told in a short film and presentation you'll find here. Enjoy!

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Our story will be brought to life by making Christchurch:

‘The City with

Live the
Kiwi dream

The opportunity is to make Christchurch the greatest city on the planet to be a Kiwi, to live the Kiwi dream.


The story is not a tagline, it is an underlying attitude to shape the aspirations of Christchurch as a place for people to live, work, study and visit. It’s not intended to be the definitive story, more a foundation to build from. It’s intended to inspire conversation and debate within the city and healthy competition outside it. It’s designed to last well beyond the immediate post-earthquakes re-build, for a city that can flex and adapt to change in the 21st century.

Tool kit

We have created resources for when you have the need to tell or celebrate what makes Christchurch the best place to live, work and visit. The resources are available for anyone to download and use for free. We will be adding more over the coming months. We hope you find them useful! We encourage you to get out there and tell the story of Christchurch whether that's through imagery in your workplace, a sales or investor presentation or just to celebrate this great place.

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  • Download or view the full length, 2 min, and Chinese versions of the film.

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