Facts & Figures

As the gateway for Christchurch and the South Island, Christchurch Airport is a major hub and the busiest and most strategic air connection to the world's trade and tourism markets. The airport is New Zealand's second largest airport.

Passenger Numbers         

  • A record 6.31 million passengers travelled in and out of Christchurch Airport in the 2016 financial year
  • Airline seat availability grew 7% during the year to 7.9 million, with several new services starting midway through the year
  • International passengers using the trans-Tasman network grew 7% and long-haul grew 18%

Financial Reporting for FY16

  • Operating Revenue grew 5.4% to $170 million, from $161 million the year prior
  • EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) grew 10.6% to $103 million, up from $93 million the year prior
  • NPAT (New Profit After Tax) grew 9.6% to $43 million, up from $39 million the year prior
  • Dividends grew 51.4% to $31 million, up from $21 million the year prior

Dividends lifted from $7.6 million in FY14 to $31 million in FY16. The increased dividends were driven not only by growth in profitability (NPAT was $16 million in FY14) but also the Board increasing its dividend pay-out, from 60% of NPAT (excluding revaluations on investment properties) to 90% from FY16. View CIAL's Annual Reports here

The Community

CIAL supports the Christchurch, Canterbury and South Island econom in several ways, including:

  • Approx. 6,000 people are employed on the airport campus in full time, part time or casual roles, making it the largest single centre of employment in the South Island
  • The airport creates employment for more than 20,000 full time equivalent workers (FTEs) in the Canterbury region
  • Antarctic operations delivers $80 million in direct benefits to the city annually.
  • The airport helps to retain technicians and associated professionals within the region and New Zealand

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